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Express Policy

Express Checkout

South Moon Under provides a faster checkout experience for returning customers. Express Checkout uses saved preferences to allow an order to be placed in as few as 4 clicks!

Taking Advantage

Simply check the "Add to Address Book" box when using an address you wish to save, and the "Save this card" box for your preferred payment method. Those will then be used to automatically fill those forms in the future, allowing you to Continue immediately. If you do need to change from your default, the familiar input form is 1 click of 'edit' way

You can edit, remove, and change the default selection for saved addresses from that Addresses Page.

You can edit and remove saved payment methods from that Payment Methods Page. There is no default selection for these at this time; instead, the first card in the list is used.


Electing to allow a website to store your credit data may seem scary. However, South Moon Under is committed to excellent customer experience, and that includes top-notch security. Your credit information is transmitted, processed, and stored with the utmost care and modern security. Card numbers are stored in a way that no one can see them, not even our own people, and security codes (CVNs) are never stored. For more information see the Security Policy page.