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Tie Front

Trendy Tie Front Tops for Women

The tie front top is the perfect piece to wear as the warm weather comes and is a great way to spice up an outfit that you may have thought could have only been worn with your favorite t-shirt. Women's tie front tops are as versatile as a t-shirt and have an added flare. The added detail that a tie front top brings is too amazing to pass up from animal prints to flared sleeves adding detail to your look has never been easier. At South Moon Under we’re in love with this trend, not just for a summer look but, as a year-round essential. Long sleeves are not out of the question for tie front tops either and in fact, are the perfect way to bring this style into the colder months. Coming in a wide range of styles, fits, and fabrics the tie-front blouse can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Tie front is really just added detail and therefore can be added to just about any outfit to give it a much more lively look. For instance, your casual look, being maybe a graphic top and high-waisted jeans, may be great at home but maybe you are called to go out with friends. Tying a knot in the hem is an easy way to add flare and turn it into a crop top. For this reason, a tie front top can be used in any event you may want to add more flare to.