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Delicate Necklaces

Do you already have the perfect outfit for your next date night but feel like it’s not quite unique enough? A piece of jewelry that is great at adding personalization without taking away attention from your trendy black dress is an elegant delicate necklace. Finding something that adds a personal flair but is also un intrusive is sometimes hard to find. Lucky for you, in our collection of delicate necklaces you will find necklaces with initials and star signs that will refine your look just that little bit. Though maybe you aren't looking for something to go with an audacious date night outfit and instead want to keep a casual look without having it seem unrefined. Our delicate necklaces with small cute pendants are also good at keeping your outfit looking proportional to your jewelry. So from small chains to personalized script at South Moon Under we are sure to have the boutique necklaces you need.