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Face Masks

Fashionable Face Masks and Face Shields

Face masks have become the newest essential accessory for everyone, which is why we've spent so much time ensuring that we provide not only a safe but also a fashionable option. Whether you’re wearing your face mask by choice or by mandate, trust our fashion experts to ensure that they never take away from your stunning outfit.

Try to think of face masks like any other piece of clothing, which means you should start with the essentials. First, you’ll want to pick out a plain versatile face mask as your go-to option ensuring that you’ll never look out of place. After you have a few essentials, then you can start to expand into some more fashionable and functional options. This includes doubling up and layering masks for an outing.  Stick spare washed facemasks in your purse or bag to change in the event of need.  If you are heading to locations where social distancing is difficult or uncertain, you may want to add a tasteful and fashion-forward face shield.

Browse through our wide collection of face masks with everything from straw masks to wrap masks. We know masks can get a bit inconvenient at times, so we stocked up on face mask strap clips to save your ears and mask holders and chains to ensure you never lose your precious mask ever again. 

Bring your look together by matching your face mask with some of our cute hair accessories or by checking out our face mask and scrunchie sets. Not feeling a face mask anymore? We get it, that’s why we offer face shields as well. At South Moon Under, we’re committed to keeping you fashionable and on-trend, as well as, keeping you healthy.