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Cocktail & Party Dresses

What is a cocktail dress?___The classic go-to dress when you want to look sexy and sophisticated is none other than the cocktail dress. Typically, cocktail dresses are mid-length finishing at or above the knee, but there are some exceptions. With their exciting colors, embellishments, and silhouettes cocktail dresses are statement dresses that are perfect for any semi-formal event like a wedding, work party, and even date night! Every woman always needs at least one cocktail dress in their closet awaiting that special event. Don't know what to get? You can never go wrong with the little black dress. As a closet-staple, the little black dress will be one of the most versatile pieces within your wardrobe.  Completing the look After you’ve picked out the perfect dress, head over and pick the heels to match and complete the look. When wearing a cocktail dress, you’ll want to avoid flats and go for the more sophisticated look by wearing heels. Add on a bit of jewelry and voilà, you’re stunning look is ready for the runway. Don’t forget to show off your sexy cocktail dress by tagging @southmoonunder on Instagram!