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Jackets & Outerwear

Jackets & Outerwear for Women

These jackets, coats and vests are our favorite outerwear looks for boho-chic women.

Layer up with the best women jackets and coats to look good while staying toasty.  Your outerwear can be a stylish fur coat, animal print jacket, or more of a quilted puffer vest.  Leather and velvet jackets complete a bit more edgy and sleek touch, but you can never be too cozy in a fleece or teddy jacket.  We all need a little fresh air right now, so throw a bold blazer on and have confidence out on your next errand.  Relax in a playful sherpa jacket around home to lift your spirits.   Be on trend when you select from the many puffer jackets that demand as much attention as they effectively fight the chilly air.  You can’t go wrong with wrapping yourself in a warm coat, jacket or vest that matches your style from South Moon Under.

Faux Fur Coats
It’s all about the texture.   Whether pairing jeans or a pair of leather leggings, a faux fur jacket softens the look.  It’s easy to mix bold accessories as well, as the cozy furry outerwear mutes any sharp lines.  More neutral colors work well with nearly any printed pattern or solid color pieces.   Let your faux animal spirit roar snuggled in a cozy faux fur coat.

Puffer Jackets
As the temperature drops, you won’t regret the technical benefit of a trendy puffer jacket.  Also, known as quilted jackets, the feature to stay warm is obvious. Keeping a flattering look, and even adding a metallic sheen can work with a puffer coat.  You can create a youthful spirit while covering up with the lightweight puffer jacket design.  

Chic Blazers
Sophistication can be a good thing. We find blazers that compliment our overall style. Avoid looking stuffy with a looser fit and rolled sleeves.  The right crop top or bodysuit can offset a blazer and work great to polish a more relaxed outfit.

Casual Vests
We love a cold weather vest that makes a statement.  Long and fuzzy vests are fun to add a completely new look to a tired outfit.  Vests can be useful to pop a color or pattern you love.

Fleece Jackets
For your active days, match a fleece jacket with your athleisure look.  The material is warm and cozy, but breathes enough when your on the go.  Feel healthy and at peace in a print pattern fleece pullover.

Who said colder days should be depressing?  Spice things up with South Moon Under’s boho jackets and boho winter coats that will make you stand out from the crowd!