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Penguin Roberto Fedora

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This men’s Penguin fedora is made of 100% rstraw and has a plaid band wrapped stylishly around it sporting the Penguin logo at its side. Super soft interior band and lining will keep you comfortably cool all day long.

  • Woven straw
  • Plaid band at base
  • Penguin logo on side of band
  • Soft interior band
  • Fully lined


The brand was introduced in 1955 by Munsingwear, a Minneapolis-based underwear and military garment store, when it launched the Original Penguin golf-shirt in the US. Worn by Richard Nixon, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Arnold Palmer and Bing Crosby, this golf shirt became a symbol in suburban leisure until well into the 1980’s. The penguin mascot “Pete” has become the company logo. In 1996 the brand was bought by Perry Ellis International, and a new sportswear collection was released in Spring 2003. The Penguin brand has also been worn more recently by celebs such as Brad Pitt, Devin Setoguchi, Adam Brody and Jake Gyllenhaal.