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Gracia Zig Zag Print Romper

SKU 153026


This zig zag print romper from Gracia has a flirty ruffle top and very boho chic peacock feather drawstring. Wear it with tights and a jacket for the cooler season and shed layer by layer and the weather gets warmer for an awesome day out in the sun.

  • Tube top style romper
  • Elastic waistband
  • Thick banded fold hemline
  • Ruffle across top
  • Drawstring w/ peacock feather adornments
  • 100% Polyester
  • Measures 26” in full length
  • Inseam measure 3” in length
  • Model is wearing a size small (S)
  • Hand wash, tumble dry

Gracia Fashion is the true success story. Joyce Kim launched the women’s clothing label in 1998. Her husband, Ray, and sister, Sara, joined the Gracia team, making the brand a true family-run business. The family is originally from Seoul, South Korea, but immigrated to South America for a few years to better understand the people and culture there, as well as develop a fashion apparel business. The label name, Gracia, was inspired by the Spanish culture during their time in South America. Today, Gracia Fashion is a recognizable brand in the international fashion scene. The label has been featured in Instyle, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, Latina, WWD Magazine, People Magazine, Life & Style Magazine, and plenty others. Their dresses have also been worn by many famous artists and celebrities, such as the contestants of the Miss Universe Pageant. Gracia continues, season after season, to create innovative styles that inspire fashion trends and gain the admiration of stylish women around the world.