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Emi-Jay Rainbow Glitter Hair Tie Set

SKU 152676


These adorable little hair tie's do double duty.  They won't leave a crease in your hair and they look adorable on your wrist as bracelets!  Mix and match them to create a look that is not only cute, but functional as well.

  • Set of 5
  • Bow knot closure
  • Stretch band
  • Olive, Blue, Metallic Multi, Magenta, Deep Purple


Emi-Jay hair ties come in all kinds of assorted colors, they are trending huge right now with celebrities and will make great stocking stuffers for friends! They can also be used as bracelets! Once upon a time lived two girls who were meant to design hair accessories that were very unique, and one of a kind. Emi and Jay are normal teens who reside in L.A. They decided to create something special that could make your day. They have a passion for all things related to fashion; Teen Vogue subscriptions, satin bows and more. Those are just a few things that the girls adore. The two teens created something so special with a blink of an eye. And these designs are so simple yet one of a kind. So here is the scoop on how it all started. Knowing that headbands and clips are in style the girls took elastic, rhinestones, and gems and gently threw them into a pile. The pieces are simply art and they wanted to share it with you. So you could become a part of the fashion hair flair that is worn as a bracelet too.