Rosebud Perfume Company Rosebud Salve

SKU 107230

Rosebud Salve, loved since 1892, is a blend of essential oils and cottonseed oil in a special petrolatum base. The silky smooth salve relieves chapped lips and skin, diaper rash, blemishes and rough cuticles. Take part in a tradition of quality and excellence.

  • Formulated by Dr. G.F. Smith
  • Comes in tin
  • Net Weight 0.8 oz.


Founded in 1892, the Rosebud Perfume Company set out with a simple mission: To provide simple, multi-usage products that are both affordable and effective. With the creation of the world famous, cult-favorite Rosebud Salve that boasts to be the cure-all for a wide array of skin ailments from blemishes to chapped lips to dry elbows, the family run Rosebud Perfume Company has solidified its place in cosmetic history.